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Digital Marketing

Having a website is just like owning a shop where people can visit and know about your products and services. The next step is to find a way to attract the clients. This can be done in any number of ways including traditional marketing, online advertising, Social Media Optimisation (SMO), or natural search engine optimization (SEO).
For extremely heavy marketing measures, a host of technology tools is used to analyze the market and consult for the formation of different strategies to market products and services on the internet. These tools enable us to find domains where our target crowd is present and then through focused measures we can reach our crowd in an economical way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that spreads the word on the internet about your website based on your services and products. In simple words, it is an online marketing technique. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the term used for the process of enhancing your website’s presence and performance on Google search engine’s organic search results. SEO is an ongoing process and demands continues monitoring and analysis of the performance of your website and relevance of your landing page. Though the term is a simple three letter word, the impact SEO can make is three times more clicks, views and traffic to your website. Be it newspaper ads or Google ads, creating awareness and paying for ads was and is inevitable at all times. However, with coming of Google Ads you have the advantage of paying for only the number of clicks received for your ad. But to get your website to the visibility and get the click is a task involving strategic planning, effective implementation and timely performance tracking. At Cybase, we work towards providing top class and value for money SEO services. As SEO service providers we understand our responsibility and works together to enhance the performance of your website and hence your business.The professional SEO services we provide range from Keyword research and analysis to SEO audit and reporting.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation or SMO is all about effectively marketing and improving the perception of your brand on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus, etc. Social media is the most popular medium these days and people from different walks of life heavily depend on it to draw insights, build their network, nurture old and new relationships, etc. Every individual and every business with an online presence without fail have a facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google Plus, pintrest and other relevant social accounts because it is your network that determines your net worth. Social Media optimisation enables you to take your brand to a wider network of people with minimal cost, maintenance and effort.
At Cybase Technologies, we ourselves being a company with presence in social media, we rightly understand the importance of strategic management of social media optimisation. Creating presence in social media is very easy and simple due to which all of us end up creating accounts in social media. But it is important to understand that just creating a social account will not create business volume for your company. Social media optimisation professionals at Cybase Technologies effectively engage in understanding your social media activities, your audience, your business, etc., and accordingly plan various social media optimisation strategies to enhance your social brand value.
Services we offer under SMO:

Facebook Services

  • Facebook URL Optimization
  • Facebook Page Creation & Optimization
  • Post Content and Increase Likes
  • Setup & Manage Ad Campaigns
  • Create Facebook References
  • Viral Interactions & Engagements
  • Post Interactive Facebook Comments
  • Joining & Interacting in Groups
  • Sharing Posts on Other Social Channels like twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

linkedin Service

  • Building Connections
  • Share Relevant Content
  • Community & Group Creation
  • Posting Questions
  • Manage Polls within Groups

Google Service

  • Segmenting Circles
  • Joining & Interacting with Communities
  • Image & Video Sharing
  • Increasing Followers

PPC Management Service

PPC management is all about identifying keywords and monitoring the performance of your paid ad campaigns. In this digital era, Keywords is the actual key to unlock all the blocks existing to prevent your brand from becoming customers favourite brand. Customers today live a very busy life and it is your business keyword used in your ad campaign that trigger them to try your e-store from a huge google search result of similar e-stores.
PPC management might not sound such a taxing task to you and you might think why shell out money to hire a third party to do it. The fact is when you do it yourself without proper monitoring and action strategy you might end up running your e-store at a loss than profit. It is at this point that our Google qualified PPC professionals can help you save almost 30% of your marketing cost. We understand the need of Google Adwords and the value of every penny you pay. Adwords management services offered by Cybase can help reduce your expenses, increase your effectiveness and make your business an engaging online enterprise.
Services we offer under PPC:

  • Adwords Account Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Relevancy Match
  • Campaign Management Support
  • Campaign Structuring
  • ROI Intensive Campaigns
  • Creating Effective Landing Pages
  • Dynamic Bidding
  • Creative support
  • Targeted Communication
  • Daily account review
  • Google Analytics Data Management
  • Conversion Tracking